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Hello, and welcome! On this page you'll find information about me and some of my work.

About Me

I am a junior in Computer Science at Purdue Univeristy. My interests include computer science (obviously), meteorology, travelling and exploring new places, and of course all the other standard college student stuff.


Here are the websites that I have developed and maintain.

- This is of course, the site you are viewing.


This is a list of projects I have or am working on.

- I have been experimenting with running the WRF model. Here is where images are uploaded from each run.


Here's other random stuff.

- This is where I post pictures of my travels. For example, I spent this past summer in Colorado for an internship and travelled all over the West and have many pictures to show for it.

Contact Me

If any of the above interests you and you want to get in contact, here's a few ways to do it.

- You can contact me via email with this email address.

- Look me up on Facebook.

- Or you can tweet me.


- Check out my resume!

- My contact info
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